Reproductive system disorders

of dogs

genetic pathologies

In dogs both sexes are affected by diseases of the reproductive system even if the female is subject to more problems. In summary the main diseases in the female:

  • metritis : uterine bacterial infection. A distinction is made between acute and chronic and the symptoms are fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, depression and purulent vaginal discharge. Therapy is medical and sometimes the uterus and ovaries are removed;

  • pyometra : occurs during the menstrual cycle and affects 6-7 year old bitches. There is a deterioration in the general situation, anorexia, vulvar discharge, vomiting, diarrhea, polyuria and increased thirst. The disease rapidly degenerates and leads to the death of the animal;

  • vaginal ptosis : it is characterized by the significant increase of the vaginal mucosa originating from estrogens produced during estrus. Therapy is usually medical!

  • vaginal and uterine prolapse : these are two very rare problems that usually appear after childbirth. There is also the probability that the prolapse of all the genital organs will occur but in any case a prompt intervention by the veterinarian is necessary to prevent the death of the animal;

  • vaginitis : is an inflammation of the vagina that occurs with a certain frequency. Therapy is medical.

  • metrorrhagia : bleeding originating from the uterus and having various causes such as hormonal imbalances, tumors, miscarriage or lesions of the ovaries

  • tumors : benign or malignant and involving various organs of the reproductive system. Therapy is surgical. Breast cancer is one of the most common.

The main diseases in men:

  • balanoposthitis : inflammation of the penis and foreskin. The characteristic symptom is the presence of purulent exudate and the veterinarian can prescribe a specific medical therapy

  • prostatism : usually the prostate gets bigger from the age of 6 and we talk about prostate syndrome or prostatism. The primary symptom is difficulty in defecating and urinating and complications are cystitis and kidney failure. Therapy will include hormone administration and antifungal therapy. If it is a tumor, you can decide for surgery;

  • orchitis : inflammation of a testicle that occurs frequently in the dog. It can occur in acute or chronic form.

  • prolapse of the urethra : rare disease whose most evident symptom is constant licking of the penis and presence of preputial bleeding. Therapy is surgical;

  • tumors : if the affected organs are penis and foreskin the symptoms are evident showing swelling. If the tumor is in the testicles, an increase in volume may be observed. Therapy is surgical.


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