Cardiocirculatory system of the dog

heart, blood vessels, veins, arteries and capillaries

circulatory system

The circulatory system provides, through the blood circulation, the distribution, collection of the blood flow and its maintenance.

Through the circulation of the blood it supplies metabolites, or substances assimilated in the body and transformed in such a way as to be easily absorbed, and eliminates waste substances.

The heart starts the blood circulation which is double:

  • the great circulation , or systemic, which provides for the distribution of oxygenated blood rich in nutrients necessary for the organs, tissues and cells of which they are composed

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  • the small circulation , or pulmonary, allows the exchange of gas between the inspired air and the blood

The arteries depart from the heart while the veins are those that return carrying blood rich in carbon dioxide.

Through the pulmonary circulation it will be brought to the lungs for the release of this gas and the acquisition of oxygen. The blood capillaries, very small vessels, come into play in the gaseous and nutrient exchange between blood and tissues.

Definitions of some terms:

  • arteries : blood vessels responsible for transporting blood from the heart to organs and systems. The most important artery is the aorta which starts from the left ventricle and carries oxygenated blood. The pulmonary artery starts from the right ventricle and carries poorly oxygenated blood to the lungs

  • veins : blood vessels responsible for transporting blood from various organs to the heart

  • heart : hollow muscular organ, fulcrum of the circulatory system. It is placed in the thoracic cavity and is structured in four cavities: two atria and two ventricles. The weight of the dog's heart varies from 10 grams. to 500 gr.


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