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Dogs are predators who follow rules of survival.

They are used to fighting and the fight includes growls and bites: attitudes that are not acceptable when expressed towards the master, the people more or less close or his fellowmen.

Aggression can be divided into:

  • aggressiveness of dominance : it originates from an incorrect education of the dog that does not see its leader in the master

  • aggression out of fear : manifests itself with an excessive reaction of the dog to contact with people or animals because it associates people or animals with an unpleasant experience

  • overprotective aggression of the territory or of the owner and his family. If excessive this is due to the fact that he proclaims himself leader of the pack

  • predatory aggression : occurs against small prey or moving subjects

  • redirected aggression : in this case the intervention of the veterinarian is necessary. An extreme but functional remedy is castration.


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