Integumentary system of the dog

the skin and perianal glands

skin dog

The dog's integumentary system consists of two structures:

  • the skin itself and the attached hair follicles and sweat glands present in the plantar pads and in the nose

  • the paranal glands, which are used by the dog to "mark the territory"

The hair follicle is made up of the hair inserted in its gland to which the sebaceous gland is also attached. The hairs form the coat, which plays an important role in thermoregulation.

The skin acts as a barrier, protects against infrared and ultraviolet rays and other physical agents. It has a metabolic action and is useful for the storage of fats.

The exocrine sweat glands are used to keep the skin soft and supple; eccrines are present on the plantar pads and on the nose and are used exclusively to expel liquid.


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