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Cure to the puppy

Let's start by specifying that a puppy is a dog that is less than 9-10 months old.

If it was born at home, it should not be slipped for 45 days and above all do it gradually.

If the puppy comes from a kennel this problem does not arise as it will be entrusted to you around two months.

Once at home, you need to arrange a cozy kennel where you can take refuge in the very first days of life with you, remembering that, if you want to make a puppy, a vigorous and harmoniously developed dog, do not let him suffer deprivation of any kind and miss air, light and movement.

Great attention regarding nutrition: continue with the feed used by the breeder. They never lack water and we provide food 4 times a day to avoid digestive fatigue.


The four meals will become 3 once the puppy reaches four months.

We constantly weigh your puppy to keep his weight under control and to make sure he is digesting well. As for medical treatment, vaccinations, to be agreed with the veterinarian, and stool control for worms are to be considered.

A rubber brush or rubber glove is enough for beauty treatments. Better to avoid the complete bath up to one year of age; if necessary, wash it with a dry shampoo.


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