Complications of childbirth


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Childbirth is a natural and usually uncomplicated act. When problems arise, childbirth is defined as dystocic and no breed is exempt.

Dystocia can be caused by various factors attributable to the mother:

  • defects in expulsion by the bitch

  • obstruction of the birth canal

  • insufficient dilation

  • tightness of the pelvis

  • congenital or acquired malformations of the birth canal

  • primary and secondary uterine atony: definable as the main problem.

  1. primary atony when there is no stimulus to give birth due to hereditary causes, due to a very low number of puppies (one or two), due to excessive stretching of the myometer resulting from an excessive number of puppies;

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  2. Secondary atony when there is an exhaustion of the myometrium due to an obstruction of the birth canal.

When the dystocia is attributable to the puppy:

  • the puppy itself is in the wrong position (neither head nor paws)

  • is too big

  • is dead and does not stimulate childbirth.

In all these cases, however, contact the veterinarian promptly: an early diagnosis of dystocia due to uterine atony and timely drug therapy increase the survival of the puppies.

After delivery, it is necessary to enrich the mother's diet with a calcium-phosphorus-vitamin complex in the recommended doses. Natural breastfeeding for puppies is guaranteed by the mother herself or by a nurse and in the first 36 hours the puppies will switch from feeding on colostrum to mother's milk.

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