Weaning period

diseases of the first stage of the dog's life

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After the neonatal period begins what is called the weaning period which lasts from 4 to 12 weeks.

The puppy's own immune defense processes are activated, replacing those passively transmitted by the mother through colostrum and the period of socialization begins, which leads him to discover the environment and establish new relationships with humans and his similar. During this period congenital defects can be noted and the main problems are:

  • digestive disorders due to the change of diet that manifest themselves with vomiting, diarrhea and bloating

  • dermopatite

  • stopping muscle development

  • presence of parasites

  • some viral diseases (such as distemper and kennel cough)

  • socialization problems with humans

  • socialization problems with your peers

The prevention of these pathologies will go through the implementation of a gradual weaning, ensuring a correct mineral intake, treating the mothers with suitable deworming and preparing a vaccination plan with your veterinarian.

During the growth it is in fact essential a BALANCED diet because the skeletal system is; in training and the same goes for the muscular system.

Keep in mind:

  • a calcium deficiency can lead to juvenile osteofibrosis

  • An excess of meat lowers calcium in the blood causing bone weakening

  • Excess calcium leads to osteochondrosis (lameness)

  • The excess of vitamin A leads to organic and skeletal damage (lameness and symptoms at the neuromuscular level) which are unfortunately irreversible.


Neonatal period

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