The female reproductive system of the dog

organs that compose it

The female genital organs of the dog produce eggs and guarantee protection to the fetus until birth. It should also be specified that, like all carnivores, the calves are not fully developed and that is why the mother must take care of the puppies for the whole weaning period.

In female dogs the reproductive system consists of:

  • ovaie

  • salpingi

  • uterus

  • vagina

  • external genital organs

female reproductive system

In relation to their tasks they are distinguished in:

  • organs that produce oocytes, the ovaries

  • organs of transit of the oocyte and where fertilization takes place (salpingi)

  • organ where the fertilized egg implants itself and grows (uterus)

  • host organ of the male copulatory organ and birth canal (vagina and female genital organs).


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