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The basic foods for following a home diet are easy to find.

Let's start with the meat: it would be better to buy it lean like beef or heart , the most expensive, but the most protein is pork.

On the other hand, poultry offers leaner and cheaper meat. The meat must be fresh or defrosted, cut into pieces and served raw or just blanched in boiling water. A valid alternative to meat is fish to be given cooked and without bones.

Cereals are part of the dog's diet: rice or wheat or potatoes and dry or toasted bread. Remember to cook these products for a long time to allow easy digestion of the starch.

As far as vegetables are concerned, carrots, zucchini, peas and green beans administered cooked are preferred. Finally the oil: olive or sunflower is poured by spoon or teaspoon according to the size of the dog.

To complete the home diet, supplements are used which must be considered as:

  1. necessary to optimize energy intake

  2. essential for puppies, young dogs, pregnant or lactating bitches.

To define the right need for supplements, it is better to contact the veterinarian.

Important recommendation

Respect hygiene rules during meal preparation and subsequent storage. Use the fridge to store and do not leave food more than 30 minutes in the bowl to be consumed!


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