The motion and rest of the dog

the walk and the necessary rest

dog sleeps

The dog loves to move and movement is fundamental for the dog as it plays a decisive role in balanced musculoskeletal development, stimulates the immune system, is an important factor in the functionality of the cardio-circulatory, respiratory and digestive system.

It also prevents certain diseases such as obesity.

But care must always be taken so that the exercise is always proportional to the age and general condition of the dog.

Furthermore, motion optimizes social relations with other dogs, animals and humans and the consequent behavioral balance.

dog walk

There are so many exercises and games that you can do with your dog, better if outdoors! Like motion, rest is also essential for the recovery of strength.

Dogs usually sleep a lot, on average 12 hours a day, a few more hours when they are a puppy.

Always remember to put the kennel in a quiet place, as far as possible from the entrance door or in passageways, cool in summer and sheltered from the cold in winter.


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