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The age at which the dog can be considered elderly varies according to several factors including size:

  • A small dog will start showing signs of aging by the age of 10;

  • A medium-sized dog (26 to 43 kg) at 8-9 years that drops to just over seven for dogs over 45 kg in weight.

The most obvious signs of a dog's old age are:

  • The hair turns gray on the muzzle and around the eyes

  • The dog tends to decrease physical activity and consequently gain weight, the nails become brittle, the skin becomes thinner and is more exposed to bruises and wounds

  • May become slightly incontinent

  • Breath becomes heavy

  • Sensory perception decreases

  • There are also noticeable changes in behavior

The view

examination dog sight

Particular attention should be paid to eyesight for particularly elderly dogs.

The walk must be short and controlled by the leash.

Finally, the weight must always be checked: sudden increases or decreases could be the signals of possible pathologies.


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