Behavior problems

fears, phobias, anxiety, depression

Let's start by talking about anxiety: fear is a natural sensation but you need to discover the causes of fears from an early age to remedy them and to make the fear become a phobia and the dog panic.

A drug therapy to be agreed with the veterinarian can be useful to calm the dog. Separation anxiety is a problem that occurs quite frequently and that appears in the puppy between the eighth and twenty-fourth week of life. If the owner leaves, the dog reacts by howling and barking, urinating and defecating everywhere or destroying anything.

dog waiting for owner

The separation anxiety originates from a wrong relationship that has been created between the dog and the owner that can still be solved with a little patience. However, it is possible to associate a drug therapy.

In dogs, depression is manifested by a decreased receptivity to stimuli: it is apathetic, inappetent, with serious sleep problems. It will be good to take your dog to the vet to prevent depression from becoming chronic.

In the dog, behavioral anomalies in the sexual sphere are rare and the real disorders of the sexual sphere are mainly linked to an alteration of the imprinting, that is to the compression of the characteristics and behavior typical of their peers starting from the mother. It is therefore essential not to remove the puppy from its mother before two months of age.


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