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Tetanus is a non-infectious and non-contagious disease that also affects dogs and multiplies in particularly deep wounds.

Its spores are found in the soil or in the intestine and if the spores themselves reach the wounds not promptly washed and disinfected (with hydrogen peroxide), bacteria germinate.

The latter multiply and release a neurotoxin which, via the nerves, reaches the spinal cord and causes spastic contractions. If they are in large quantities, they reach the central nervous system.

Symptoms are characterized by muscle spasms, contraction of the facial muscles, the lips are pulled back, the nostrils dilated, the forehead furrowed and the ears erect. Saliva runs from the lips and there is difficulty in taking food for chewing.

The dog is anxious and alarmed and the fever can reach 42 ° C while breathing becomes frequent. The course of the disease is fatal but if the amount of toxins is not high the animal can recover in 2 or 3 weeks.

The dog must be kept in a quiet and dark environment. If the infection is identified early, tetanus serum in combination with muscle relaxants and antibiotics is very valuable.


Vaccination is only recommended for dogs living in areas at risk, otherwise you must absolutely clean every wound with oxygen-producing substances (such as hydrogen peroxide.)





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