Food-borne disorders

vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, obesity

Symptoms are clues that should not be underestimated, however insignificant they may represent a very serious disease:

  1. Regurgitation and vomiting : food that is expelled from the mouth before digestion is said to be regurgitated. There may be mechanical causes (such as an obstacle in the throat) or organic causes. This sudden rise exposes our dog to suffocation or infections in the bronchi. As for vomiting, it can be caused by affections in the stomach caused by ingestion of non-digestible bodies, a torsion of the stomach, an allergy, food poisoning, a viral pathology, an inflammation of the stomach. IF THE CAUSES ARE NOT IDENTIFYED READY, THE ANIMAL MUST BE TAKEN BY THE VETERINARY If the cause is mechanical, surgery may be necessary, if of viral, microbial, allergic or other origin, the dog must be subjected to appropriate therapy.

  2. Diarrhea : can be caused by eating. The various causes include the presence of worms, the proliferation of bacteria, a viral pathology, an exaggerated intake of liquids. In the simplest cases, a dietary change is enough and the diarrhea disappears.

  3. Constipation : can be combated by adding soluble fiber or by administering a purgative always on the prescription of the veterinarian!

  4. obese dog

    Obesity : creeps slowly causing a decline in the subject's activity, reproductive capacity and immune defenses, the joints become painful and increase the risks to the heart, respiratory, liver and kidney.

    The causes are generally a ' very rich diet or a decrease in physical activity. To make your dog lose weight, you will have to choose a diet that is less energetic, richer in fiber and low in carbohydrates which must be progressive so as not to weaken the dog on a diet!


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