Dog diseases and related nutrition

sick or convalescent dog

sick dog

Diseases and surgical interventions cause stress and alter the desire to eat:

  1. Neoplastic pathologies (tumors) are among the main causes of dog death: about 1 in 4 death is attributable to cancer and with the passing of the years the dog reaches a percentage of 45% of deaths . A targeted diet serves to improve the quality and life span of the sick dog.

    In the presence of tumors, the percentage of carbohydrates must be decreased, given that neoplasms feed in particular on glucose: therefore they must be chosen foods rich in proteins and lipids. The ideal are specific feeds for stressed or debilitated dogs, usually wet. One can think of an integration of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins (especially vitamin E) and selenium. Before giving supplements always better to hear the opinion of the veterinarian.

  2. kidney pathologies it is good to administer a low protein diet, but increasing its quality, together with low quantities of sodium and phosphorus. With renal failure, hypertension is also reported concurrently.

    Water must always be present!

  3. heart diseases need to reduce the amount of sodium in the diet. If you use home-made food, you will have to reduce bread, the glutamate contained in cooking nuts, favoring legumes and fresh vegetables.

  4. The pathologies of the gastro-enteric apparatus require diets with low fiber and highly digestible such as eggs, ricotta, rice, well-cooked potatoes, chicken and beef meat.

Same recommendation can apply before or after surgery!


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