The male reproductive system of the dog

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The male genital system of the dog is made up of:

  • two testes which have a spherical shape and are relatively small compared to the animal's body. They are wrapped in particular wraps and after their descent into the abdominal cavity they are contained in the scrotum which can be seen posteriorly between the thighs.

    The function of the testicles is twofold:

    1. sperm formation (spermatogenesis). This process is under the direct control of pituitary hormones and can be compromised by endocrine imbalances, dietary, psychic factors, temperature changes and diseases;

    2. production of male hormones or androgens (testosterone). This very important role distinguishes the male from the female and influences animal behavior. The epididymis is applied to each of the testicles, where spermatozoa are collected which reach full maturity.

  • male reproductive system dog
  • to each epididymis is connected a referent duct called urogenital canal that opens into the urethra

  • the accessory genital glands are annexed to the urethra, among which the most important is the prostate. It has a spherical shape and secretes an important liquid in which the spermatozoa move and from which they draw energy. Sperm is the mixture of this liquid with the spermatozoa;

  • the urethra is incorporated into the penis which has the task of introducing the spermatozoa into the female genital tract through the contraction of the muscles at the base of the erect penis;

  • the function of the penis is precisely the terminal one of the reproductive action. It is an organ that has a cylindrical shape and has cavernous bodies that fill with blood during an erection. It is made up of two parts, the body and the glans, covered by a skin sheath called the foreskin. The penis and foreskin are suspended from the abdomen via a skin fold located in front of the scrotum.


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