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  • heart disease affecting the heart valves accompanied by dilation of the heart. They manifest themselves with breathlessness and dry cough and the vet often detects pulmonary edema. Medical therapy associated with a balanced diet can give good results.

  • kidney diseases due to irreversible lesions of the functional structures of the kidney. The symptoms are: polyuria and polydipsia, inappetence, chronic diarrhea and anemia and bone demineralization. The disease is irreversible but medical therapy and a diet rich in high quality protein and low in sodium can give the animal some relief

  • neurological and behavioral problems as there is a decline in the activity of the central nervous system due to the inability to regenerate neurons accompanied by a lower supply of oxygen. Linked to this deficit are behavioral alterations such as aggression or depression in which the dog becomes apathetic and disinterested. In any case, medical therapy must be followed

  • cognitive dysfunction in older dogs called senile dementia

  • Vestibular syndrome of the dog which affects different breeds. You should contact the vet even if there is no specific treatment here but usually the syndrome tends to heal in two weeks.

  • hormonal changes

  • tartar build-up

  • osteoarthritis and arthritis

  • greater development of tumors.

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