The aqueduct

from general distribution to the home

pipe aqueduct

Water comes from natural sources or from wells that extract water deep from the ground in the strata. He arrives at home through the pipeline of the aqueduct that runs underground.

From the main pipeline of the aqueduct, the pipelines that come to each house come from. Outside of each dwelling, usually under the sidewalk, there is a liftable manhole and a one-meter deep cavity; inside this compartment, with a pressure of about 2-4 atmospheres, the water passes through an interception valve and enters the domestic feeding system.

gate valve intercept

The shut-off valve allows to quickly interrupt the flow coming from the aqueduct. It has a particular shape and can be closed with a special key supplied to the aqueduct personnel.

Immediately after the valve there is the water meter, which registers consumption, and from this point on it is possible to intervene on the system for repairs, modifications and new connections.

Immediately after the counter there is an interception gate that can be operated by the private user, with a diameter of 3/4 inch (3/4 ") or 1".

This valve is very important because the first operation to be carried out in any emergency case, or before any intervention on the pipes, consists precisely in turning and closing the valve knob and stop the general supply of water.

general drain manhole

To check its operation, it is advisable to open and close it once a year.

The domestic circuit also includes a drain valve: it is located at the lowest point of the circuit, in the cellar, or, in the one-storey apartments, next to the main stop valve. It is used to completely empty the internal pipes, when the necessities require it. Through the riser, the water reaches the various rooms.

The terminal part of the column shrinks to a diameter of 1/2 "to flow into the expansion vessel.

General valve of the domestic system

The general valve for closing the plumbing in the apartments is installed in some cavity of the kitchen or bathroom wall, behind the fleece or under the sink.

In detached houses, it can be placed outside, in a well immediately after the water meter.


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