Caution and security

some jobs are to be left to the professionals

explosion gas methane

Some maintenance work can be done by ourselves, with passion, saving.

It will be enough to have the basic tools and follow this technical guide, but some maintenance work will be left to the prerogative of professional technicians.

The maintenance work on the gas or boiler plant and some important electromechanical systems will, given their dangerousness, be left to qualified and skilled professionals only.

It would otherwise harm our safety and our loved ones.

Gas leaks

Natural gas is highly flammable and toxic to humans.

It is tragically heard of explosions due to methane peris and Co2 poisonings caused by malfunctioning boilers, so it will be important not to replace the professionals in the maintenance of "delicate" plants like these.



Plumber's tools


Vocabulary of the plumber


Teflon tape


Grounding of the system


Safety rules

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