Boiler maintenance

when to do maintenance on the boiler

Electric storage water heaters, also known as boilers, may need periodic cleaning to remove the limescale that forms inside it and especially on the surface of the heating elements.

The layer of limestone in fact reduces the functionality of the resistances leading to a greater consumption of electricity.

boiler operating section

To avoid this it will be necessary to operate as follows to empty and clean the boiler:

  1. First of all close the general water taps
  2. Switch off the boiler and disconnect the power from the main switch
  3. Open the taps and wait for the boiler to empty
  4. At this point, close the taps and remove the boiler water inlet pipe, the cold water pipe marked in blue.
  5. Also unscrew the safety valve and insert a rubber garden hose of the correct diameter in its place in order to drain the water inside a sink or sanitary
  6. Now you can unscrew the hot water pipe, in this way the water contained in the boiler will start to come out
  7. Remove the cover and disconnect the earth and the thermostat wires
  8. Remove the thermostat and remove the collar plate (the boiler cap)
  9. Clean the boiler boron and the edge of the collar where the seal will be placed with an abrasive sponge
  10. Clean the heating element with the appropriate anti-limescale products
  11. reposition the whole reconnected the cold and hot water pipes
  12. Have the boiler filled
  13. After checking that there are no leaks, reassemble and reconnect the thermostat and grounding.
  14. Adjust the thermostat, the clean resistance is in fact more efficient and it will be necessary to decrease the temperature set on the thermostat
boiler unidirectional safety valve

Unidirectional valve

The one-way valve located on the outlet makes it possible not to let the hot water flow back into the boiler.

The integrated safety valve instead drains the water if high pressures are reached due to possible malfunctions.


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