Install single lever mixer

how to install a mixer for the sink or bidet or sink

mount mixer

Where there are traditional taps or a malfunctioning single-lever mixer or one ruined by time, it is possible to install a new one following simple operations:

Close the main taps and check that no more water is coming to the taps or to the mixer to be replaced.

  1. Dismantle the taps eliminating the limescale residues, you can close the tap holes with special chrome-plated caps on the market.
  2. Pre-assemble the new mixer mount the cartridge if supplied disassembled following the enclosed instructions.
  3. Insert the mixer in its hole, inserting a gasket between the sink and the mixer body.
  4. Screw the fixing ring from under the sink.
  5. Connect the mixer's flexible delivery pipes.
  6. Reopen the general taps and check the seal.

The ceramic cartridge of the mixer

single-lever mixer cartridge

The mixer cartridge is made of ceramic discs, often it happens that small leaks derive from foreign bodies that have crept between these discs.

It will be sufficient to disassemble and clean them carefully and the loss will vanish. If this is not enough, replace the cartridges because they are probably damaged.


Water leaks or flooding


Join the pipes




Coprax system


Thread the iron pipes


Replace mixer

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