Replace the radiator valve and holder

thermostatic valves for calorie counter

radiator valve

Often in blocks of flats with central heating, calorie counting units are installed which allow the consumption to be recorded for each individual apartment.

In these cases it is often recommended to install thermostatic valves that allow setting the room temperature and automatically adjust the flow inside the radiator accordingly.

In this case we can proceed with the replacement of the old taps and also of the detention valves independently with considerable savings. An excellent quality thermostatic valve costs 7/8 euros and the holder 5/6 euros.

thermostatic command

Thermostatically controlled, what does it mean?

It means you can install a thermostat on it.

An excellent quality thermostatic bulb costs around 18/25 euros.

There are more expensive, electronic models programmable by time or remotely controlled via smartphone.

calorific valve

On the valve you will find the size of the pipe diameter 1/2, 3/8, 3/4.

Also look well below the valve if it is not in sight.

You will need it to buy the new spare parts.


First of all, remember that the replacement can take place only when the system is empty so empty the system or take advantage of any maintenance to the condominium plant to perform the replacement.

In addition to the new valves you will need:

  • Hemp and sealing mastic to be applied to the thread of the derivation tube and of the shank to be screwed to the radiator.

  • pipe clamp
  • Adjustable wrench and/or hydraulic pipe clamp and parrot clamp

  • key shank radiator
  • Key to the shanks, to unscrew the part that is screwed to the radiator, which you can also obtain from a hexagonal bar of appropriate size, as often do professional plumbers too.


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