Plumber's tools

what do you need for plumbing jobs, not a cost but an investment

The cost of the equipment must always be considered an investment because it saves us allowing us to do the work without turning to others.

Buying good quality tools ensures us a smoother job with no surprises, so spend a little more money and choose with confidence.

The essential tools for the plumber are:

suction cup


The classic suction cup plunger

tube deburrer


Used to deburr the tube after cutting

screwdriver screwdriver


They can be cut or star

welding tank trolley

Gas trolley with cylinder

is the appliance used for all welding operations and when it is necessary to heat the surfaces to be worked.

pipe clamp stand

Tripod with vice

to tighten the tubes



Lets you adjust the key based on the size of the nut

pipe wrench wrench

Pipe wrench

allows tightening of the pipes to be rotated or the joints to be assembled and disassembled


Fixed keys

From 5 to 28 mm

plumbing supply chain


is used to thread the tubes; during the threading work it is advisable to lubricate the tube with cutting oil

hydraulic scissors


robust and reliable

cutter cutter

Milling cutter for taps

serves to smooth the seat of the taps of the taps

Swedish pipe wrench

Swedish pipe wrenches

special tube clamp

iron metal file


to smooth and clean metal surfaces after cutting; they need at least one flat and one round tail of Topo. Possessing various measures is always useful.

rewindable metallic meter

Roll-up metallic meter

bending spring

Spring for pipe bending

is introduced into the pipes before bending them with the bending pliers so as to avoid crushing the pipe

plunger spring

Spring plungers

Insert into the clogged tube and turn it by hand

pipe clamp

Pipe clamp

used to clamp the pipes during cutting, filing, bore, threading and welding

tube expander

Tube expander pliers

is used to flare the copper pipes before making the joints with the quick couplings

self-locking gripper gland

Gland nut pliers

equipped with adjustable jaws, used to loosen or tighten small nuts located in difficult to access points

pipe crimping tool

Pipe bending tool

allows bending pipes with diameters between 8 and 32 mm without great effort and without deforming the pipe itself

horizontal clamp

Vertical clamp

to tighten the tubes

gun silicone cartridges

Silicone cartridge cartridge

is used to evenly squeeze the silicone sealant from the cartridge

Steel punch

in order to correctly fit some compression hydraulic joints, it is necessary to enlarge the mouthpiece of the pipes to be connected

electric welder

Electric welding machine

useful in the arsenal of the craftsman and not only for plumbing

saw cup

Hole saw for holes

is an accessory to be mounted on the low speed electric drill; it is used to make large holes. Models with diameters of various sizes are on the market

jigsaw iron metals

Metal hacksaw

is the useful tool for cutting pipes or other metallic materials; there are different sizes and it is good to have a small one and a large one with adjustable head for blades with length from 230 to 300 mm

iron brush

Metallic brush and iron wool

is used to clean up metal surfaces

Asbestos mat

is a piece of fabric with asbestos fibers to be placed behind the joints to be welded, to protect the surrounding areas from the heat

pipe cutter cut tube


is the indispensable tool for perfectly cutting pipes at a right angle

Renting tools

Some well-stocked hardware or thermo-hydraulic stores rent special tools for this kind of work


Grounding of the system


Safety rules


Teflon tape


Caution and security


Vocabulary of the plumber

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Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini

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Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini

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Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini

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Attaccapanni Bitta design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


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