Coprax system

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coprax shear system

The Coprax pipe system allows you to create systems by hot-welding pipes, joints and sleeves very quickly. All parts of the system are made of a particular type of Polypropylene (Random Copolymer VESTOLEN P9421) designed specifically for this use.

In case you want to join these pipes with those with threaded joints it will be; You can do this by using the sealant, Teflon tape or hemp as you normally do.

coprax system joint multipurpose

The implementation phases are:

  • Cut the pipe to size with the appropriate shear checking that the cut is clean and free of smudges
  • Prepare the polyfuser by waiting for it to reach operating temperature
  • Insert pipe and joint on the polyfusion unit so that they are brought to temperature (the heating time depends on the diameter of the pipe)
  • Disconnect the hose and connection from the polyfusion unit and couple them together. Keep the position. At this stage it is possible to perform small joint orientation corrections.

Coprax system features

    Coprax hoses couplings
  • Very resistant to electrochemical corrosion can come into contact with lime or cement without having to be protected.
  • The low thermal conductivity of the material ensures low heat loss.
  • It is not sensitive to limescale build-up problems.
  • Attenuates piping noise.
  • The polypropylene used is completely non-toxic. Never leave joints and pipes in direct sunlight as ultraviolet rays cause premature aging.


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