Join the pipes

types of pipe joints

hydraulic hemp sealant

To join two already threaded galvanized iron pipes, it will be necessary to choose the connection joint according to the curve and the diameter characteristics of the pipes to be joined.

It will be possible to insert reducers to connect different diameters.

Teflon tape is recommended for chrome joints that have a more precise thread.

    join teflon tape tubes
  • At this point you will have to apply the sealant on the thread that can be hemp or Teflon tape. Always roll them following the direction of the thread
  • If you use hemp apply the sealing paste that improves the seal and makes the hemp more workable
  • Screw the hand joint on one end and then tighten with the parrot forceps
  • Insert the other end into the previously prepared joint and tighten it with the parrot forceps

Hydraulic couplings

There is a great variety of joints on the market to make your pipe run any route. Gear reducers are also available to connect pipes with different diameters


Frozen pipes


Water leaks or flooding


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Install shower enclosure


Domestic pipes

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