Unclog pipes and drains

how to pour a clogged drain

crank spring plunger

It may happen that the drains of the sinks or sanitary ware are blocked. At this point we can proceed in different ways, the first choice we must make is:

  • use a chemical method

  • use a mechanical method

There are several chemical sprays on the market, but we will have to remember to use them with caution because even if they are often sufficient to solve the problem over time, they are deposited creating bottlenecks that are very difficult to eliminate.

Among the mechanical methods we could instead choose to use:

    compressed air plunger gun
  • The classic suction cup, or its compressed air variant

  • The spring hoses, which must be inserted into the conduit until the obstruction and thanks to its end free the tubing

  • We will be able to try to disassemble the siphon and check if the obstruction is due to something fallen inside it

  • Or use a drill-driven spring

Protect drains

To avoid traffic jams, protect the drains with caps fitted with grids to retain the residues that tend to clog pipes such as hair.


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