Instant or storage water heaters

what is needed and what are its characteristics

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The boilers that produce hot water in our homes can be powered by electricity (boiler) or gas.

They can also work in different ways depending on the models:

  • In the case of Instant models , a flame heats a coil in which the water is made to pass by heating it instantly.

  • In the Accumulation models instead the water enters a tank that is heated and kept in temperature in order to guarantee a hot water flow. Also in this case they can be electric or gas powered

water heater boiler

Water heater - boiler

Homes that have independent heating produce hot water through the same boiler used for heating.

In cases of centralized heating, a boiler will heat water to compensate for this.

Water heaters can be gas-fired or heat water with electric heaters in this case we will call these boiler boilers ..


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Boiler maintenance

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