Water leaks or flooding

how to intervene in the event of losses

house water loss

In the event of water leaks the first thing to do is to identify the type of fault and its location.

Next, close the general taps and let the system drain by simply opening a tap.

At this point you will have to intervene on the cause of the loss, the most frequent causes can be:

  • Loss of a faucet or the fittings with which it is connected

  • Breaking of the washing machine or dishwasher or of the drain loading pipes

  • Breaking or clogging of a drain

  • Accidental drilling of a pipe or drainage pipe

  • Breakage or loss of a pipe caused by aging or frost

flooded house flooding

Flooded house

In the unfortunate hypothesis there is a real flooding of the house, immediately close the main taps and make sure to drain the water outside by opening doors and windows. In fact, water creates serious damage to both the furnishings and the structures of the house.


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