Replace mixer

how to change a wall mixer

Replacing a wall-mounted mixer is perhaps a simpler operation than replacing a mixer mounted on a washbasin.

wall mixer wall

Let's see in detail:

  1. First of all, as always, close the central faucet
  2. Remove the old mixer by first unscrewing the right nut then the left one.
  3. Brush the attachments on the wall then give a few rounds of Teflon tape on the fillet
  4. Place or check that there are gaskets inside the fixing nuts
  5. Replace the new one by alternately tightening the fixing nuts

Measure the clamping force

Do not exceed by force in screwing or unscrewing the fixing nuts, you could risk bending the walled pipe causing serious damage.

Cover the nuts with a cloth during fixing operations to avoid scratching them.


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