Replace faucet

how to change a tap

The replacement operation is similar to the installation operation and you will have to remove the old mixer and prepare the seat.

replace mixer tap

Let's see in detail:

  1. Close the general tap supplying the mixer.
  2. Remove the old mixer by unscrewing the fixing nut from under the sink
  3. Remove the hot and cold water pipe joints
  4. Clean the surface gently with a spatula to remove the traces of limestone that form around the mixer.
  5. Proceed to refit the new mixer
  6. If the flexible fittings are damaged replace them by unscrewing the data through which they are connected to the fixed pipeline (on the wall)

Replace the flexible fitting

Under the sink you will see that the mixer is fed by two tubes, one for hot water and one for cold water.

This tube can be flexible and can be replaced if damaged by unscrewing the nut that connects it to the fixed pipe (on the wall) and the nut that joins it to the mixer.


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