Install the air conditioner in the home

how the splits and the external unit are mounted

air conditioner outdoor unit

To install the air conditioner correctly the first thing to do is to study well the position that the internal unit called split should have and the external unit called the motor.

If possible, install the outdoor unit in a position where it can simply flow into the machine without getting in the way of air to improve its efficiency.

If it is in a position where dissipation is made more difficult, the air conditioner will consume more energy and make energy bills more expensive.

The position of the indoor unit must create "an air gap" that allows it to be more effective. The best thing is to place it on the short wall of the room where there are no hitches (cabinets or furniture) that stop the air circulation.

insulated copper pipes

If an arrangement does not already exist, the installation consists of these phases:

  • Positioning of outdoor units, possibly on brackets where you do not want or can place them on the floor

  • Positioning of the indoor units, through the wall plugs a bracket is fixed in the chosen position after which the split is hung there

  • Passage of insulated copper pipes, drain and electrical wiring. Often all this is done in special channels or in specially prepared plasterboard

  • Copper pipe header and connection of the indoor and outdoor unit

Climate maintenance, filter cleaning

For the healthiness of the premises it is essential to periodically clean the filters.

If they are not cleaned regularly they become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that make the air unbreathable and can cause damage to health.

Follow the cleaning instructions based on the type of filter installed.


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Join the pipes


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Cleaning the boiler


Gate valves

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