Joint copper pipes

how the pipes are joined

Install a mechanical coupling

joint copper pipe fitting
  • First of all cut the pipe with the roller cutter or the saw with the cleaning of any cutting burrs
  • fit the nut, the O-ring seal on the tube and hand-tighten the mechanical coupling
  • Tighten the joint with the keys, just a half turn

Welded joint

welding copper tube
  • First cut the tube and remove the cut smears
  • Heat the ends of the tubes and brush them with liquid or flux paste
  • At this point approach the pipes and heat them with the flame of the torch
  • When the copper is hot, approach the tin wire that will melt by welding the tubes
  • When the brushed solder has cooled down and the solder is wiped with an iron brush

Flexible fittings

There are also flexible fittings for sinks and sanitary fittings that are made up of a piece of pipe with two fastening nuts free to rotate at the ends.


Install adjustable height shower head rod


Fit the gas hose


Thread the iron pipes


Cleaning the boiler


Gate valves


Boiler maintenance


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