Safety rules

the first safety rule is common sense

water electricity shock

Notwithstanding that the first safety rule is common sense we see some good rules of conduct:

  • Never touch appliances or live lamps with wet hands or bare feet
  • Do not use electrical equipment near water
  • Do not turn on the electric shaver or the hair dryer near the sink or tub full of water
  • Always use specific tools for electrical maintenance when you are dealing with the current
  • Be careful to drill pipes or electric conduits when drilling holes in walls
  • If you think you are not up to the job, contact the professionals
metal detector pipes

Drill the walls

To obtain a secure hole in the walls, purchase the electric tubes and cables detectors. With a small investment you will avoid major damage


Plumber's tools


Vocabulary of the plumber


Caution and security


Teflon tape


Grounding of the system

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