Thread the iron pipes

how it's done and what tools are used

For threaded fittings it is necessary to prepare the pipe by threading it, ie creating the groove on which the fittings are screwed.

To do this we will use the chain of the necessary diameter depending on the tube and the spinnerer within which we will mount the die and then proceed as follows:

    threading hydraulic pipe supply chain
  • The pipe must be closed between the jaws of the special pipe clamp, mounted on the hydraulic stand.
  • Approximately 20 centimeters of pipe are projected, whose end is cut to eliminate any burrs and to create a conical invitation for the chain about 4 centimeters long.
  • The filed part is lubricated with cutting oil and the die is placed on it, on the side with a larger diameter, where the cutting edges are less deep. The diameter of the supply chain, of course, must be the same as that of the joint.
  • At this point, turn the die in a clockwise direction, pushing it forward towards the tube at the same time: in this way the die will bolt onto the pipe, digging the desired thread.
  • plumbing supply line
  • The threading of the two threaded pipes with hemp is garnished, on which a little sealing paste is passed. As an alternative, the Teflon tape can be used instead of hemp.
  • The sleeve is screwed to half its length on one of the two pipes to be joined, using the nose pliers. Take the second tube on the sleeve and tighten it completely: the joining operation is now complete. The length of the thread must be equal to half of the coupling sleeve that you wish to use.

Break the chip

While the threading operation is necessary to stop every couple of turns and turn the die in an anti-clockwise direction (go back two revolutions) so as to eliminate the chips produced and allow the blades to cut correctly. It then resumes turning the tool clockwise after having lubricated it with a few drops of cutting oil. The movement must be soft and continuous to avoid damaging the teeth in the supply chain.


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