how a faucet works

There are various types of taps:

    vertical single-lever mixer
  • Column or vertical faucets , are those commonly installed in bathrooms and kitchens where the water flow comes from below. They can have 1/2 inch connections (for sinks and sinks) or 3/4 inch connections for bathtubs. They are fixed to the sinks and sinks through the threaded ring.

  • Horizontal faucets , the common garden faucets, which are operated by turning the knob, have the same operation as those of the stop valves. Often they have a threaded spout for screwing flexible hoses and a water hose.

  • Multicomando mixers , they are the first mixers invented, to which both cold and hot water pipes are attached. The flow and temperature are adjusted by separately opening the cold and hot water knob.

  • Single-lever mixers , they are mixers in which the flow and the temperature is regulated by a single knob that mixes the hot and cold water flows through a system of ceramic cartridges.

Installing replacement mixer

mixer installation

The taps or mixers are mounted on the sink or sink using a threaded ring.

Close the main water tap, unscrew the hoses connecting to the cold and hot water system.

Unscrew the fixing ring at the sink.

Replace the mixer and refit.

operation tap

Tap knob

The tap on the faucet operates a gasket that closes and opens the pipe by passing or not passing the water flow.

Single-lever mixers instead mix cold and hot water through ceramic "gaskets" with progressive holes from fully open to closed.


Bending of copper pipes


Thread the iron pipes


Install adjustable height shower head rod


Instant or storage water heaters


Coprax system


Plastic pipes

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