Bending of copper pipes

how to perform perfect bending

In the market there are numerous models of joints that allow you to make any type of corner connection; however sometimes it is necessary and advantageous to be able to bend the pipes in order to avoid the use of an excessive number of joints.

Obviously, large diameter iron pipes can not be easily bent, whereas normal copper pipes for gas or thermal plants can be easily processed.

use bending spring

Enter the "spring"

To bend the pipes, use the appropriate "spring".

This should be inserted into the tube to be bent after being previously lubricated with grease. At this point the curvature is placed supporting the tube to the knee and pressing with both hands.

The spring inside will prevent irregular deformations or cracks. To obtain the desired curvature it is necessary to bend the pipe a little more than necessary, and then reopen the curve until the tube is finally shaped: this operation serves to give stability to the curvature.

tube bending spring

With the spring it is possible to easily bend Copper pipes with diameters of 15 and 22 mm and 15 mm Iron-Steel pipes.

At the end of the fold, the spring is extracted using a rod of iron inserted into the appropriate eyelet of the spring, and at the same time twisting it clockwise. Twisting it clockwise causes the diameter of the spring to be closed, facilitating its extraction.

In case the tube accidentally deforms undesirably during bending, it is possible to remedy it with a few hammer blows, but only after having extracted the spring, which would otherwise get stuck inside.

Pipe bending tool

allows you to bend pipes with diameters between 8 and 32 mm without great effort and without deforming the pipe itself.


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