Plastic pipes

practicality in the implementation

hydraulic pvc pipe

Now let's see how PVC plastic pipes are joined, which are often used for drainage pipes. the operation is rather easy. This is the joint by solvent.

  • First you cut the tube to size and remove the smudges with a file.
  • Then pass the sandpaper to roughen the outer surface of the tube and the inner surface of the sleeve.
  • Now degrease the surfaces with a cloth soaked in alcohol and then apply the solvent on both surfaces (on the tube and inside the sleeve).
  • Insert the tube into the sleeve by turning slightly
  • Remove excess solvent with a cloth
  • Keep the tubes in place for a while

PVC pipes

pipes PVC hydraulic drains

PVC pipes can be spliced ​​with solvent or compressed (by means of a seal).

On the market these types of pipe for hydraulic use are sold with a diameter of 32, 40 and 50 mm.

Tubes with a diameter greater than 63 mm on are equipped with a 'glass' at the end, ie; of a joint that allows them to be joined directly.

Clearly, joints and bends are on the market for every situation.


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