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Plastic pipes

practicality in the implementation

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hydraulic pvc pipe

Now let's see how PVC plastic pipes are joined, which are often used for drainage pipes. the operation is rather easy. This is the joint by solvent.

  • First you cut the tube to size and remove the smudges with a file.
  • Then pass the sandpaper to roughen the outer surface of the tube and the inner surface of the sleeve.
  • Now degrease the surfaces with a cloth soaked in alcohol and then apply the solvent on both surfaces (on the tube and inside the sleeve).
  • Insert the tube into the sleeve by turning slightly
  • Remove excess solvent with a cloth
  • Keep the tubes in place for a while

PVC pipes

pipes PVC hydraulic drains

PVC pipes can be spliced ​​with solvent or compressed (by means of a seal).

On the market these types of pipe for hydraulic use are sold with a diameter of 32, 40 and 50 mm.

Tubes with a diameter greater than 63 mm on are equipped with a 'glass' at the end, ie; of a joint that allows them to be joined directly.

Clearly, joints and bends are on the market for every situation.


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