Water meter

where it is installed and how it works

water meter

The water meter is the first element of the home plant: it is used to measure the quantity; of water used and that is charged in the bill.

The lower connection of the meter is connected by the water distribution company to the pipe coming from the aqueduct, while the upper connection is connected to the shut-off valve of the domestic plant.

The reading of the volumes of water used is made in cubic meters through the digits that appear on the numerator of the counter, digits that digitally show the analogue indications indicated by the hands.

The gas meter

gas meter

This meter measures the volumes of gas used by the domestic heating system and is supplied by the gas company.

It has an inlet for the gas inlet pipe and one for the inlet pipe. From this attack onwards begins our portion of the plant, the one of which we are directly responsible.

The connections of the gas pipes must always be carried out by a specialized technician: only an expert puts us safe from dangerous accidents. Do not work on the gas system alone!

Escapes of methane or city gas will cause an explosive mixture with oxygen in the air that can burst at the slightest ignition, such as the electric spark inside a switch or bell. The city gas also releases massive doses of carbon monoxide, deadly for those who breathe it.

Here are the characteristics of a typical counter normally used in our domestic systems:

  • Model for cold water up to 30°C.
  • Direct reading with numerical rolls.
  • For turbid waters or with calcareous sediments.
  • Numbering roller compartments protected by a sealed casing.


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