Fit the gas hose

how to install and check the tightness of the fitting

flexible gas

The flexible gas pipe must be the length necessary to connect the faucet to the stove or oven.

The joint must not be taut and must not have folds with an excessively narrow radius.

First of all, tap the thread with the Teflon tape to ensure the seal.

Check the gasket (always use new gaskets) in the joint and tighten by hand without tightening the two ends.

Place the burners in their seats and use the key to lock the joints.

applicare nastro teflon

We check the estate

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  1. Sprinkle the joints with soapy water

  2. Let's open the gas tap

  3. If there are no bubbles, the joint is well sealed

Do not install the hose in areas with an ambient temperature greater than 60°

Do not lengthen by joining more pipes but use longer fittings


Coprax system




Thread the iron pipes




Replace gasket


Emergency repairs

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