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During the production of a water system in a new building there are parameters to which reference:

  • The design of the plant in a vision of recovery and use of water.
  • The design of the plant in a vision of realization.
  • Design so that you do not have plumbing underneath the bedroom floor.
  • Possibility of fitting water-saving taps and showers.

For the recovery of rainwater it is sufficient to put containers near the gutter drain: this water can be used to irrigate the garden and / or for the conveyance to the toilets of the house.

The recovery of white and gray water can occur by connecting sinks, showers and washing machines to a depot equipped with a purifier.

For what is part of the distribution of the water system should be favored the "star-shaped branch" in order to avoid the passage of pipes under the floor of the bedrooms, a factor that creates geobiological disturbances to the human being and allowed paths , as short as possible, between the boiler and the taps of the bathroom and the kitchen.

The system should be made of galvanized or copper metal pipes to prevent depolymerization that may occur on hot water pipes. Two-way flushing should also be installed without neglecting the possibility of fitting water-saving taps and showers.


Mixer aerators

To reduce the consumption of water in a simple and effective way applied the appropriate flow aerators. They mix air and water, reducing consumption and increasing the cleaning effect.

They are cheap and in case of limescale deposits can be cleaned with anti-limescale or substituted products. Simply unscrew the mixer nozzle and clean or replace the aerator filter.


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