Install shower enclosure

how to assemble the shower box

To install the shower enclosure you must first choose the appropriate model according to your needs. The opening of the doors and the type of installation, corner or wall will be evaluated.

installare cabina box doccia
  • First of all, assemble the shower enclosure including the door assembly

  • Rest on the shower tray and after checking with the level mark the positioning from the inside

  • Now move the box, pierce the tiles and insert the tiles

  • Apply silicone to the sealing points on the wall and on the shower tray

  • Replace the box and fix the plugs with the screws

  • Using a rag remove any excess silicone along the edges of the shower stall

The doors of the shower cubicle

There are many shower enclosures on the market, adaptable to any eventuality.

To choose the most suitable model, carefully consider whether to use a model with a hinged or sliding door based on the available space.

Mr.FaiDaTe's advice

To silicone, first distribute the silicone with the gun on the edge, then wet the finger with water and pull the silicone.

The excess removed, will not stick to your finger, wipe yourself with a bit of paper and you will get a professional result.


Water leaks or flooding


Join the pipes


Frozen pipes


Install single lever mixer


Replace mixer


Thread the iron pipes

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