how it works and a mixer

how the mixer works

The mixer is made up of two faucets that combine hot and cold water into a single object that allows you to regulate the temperature and the flow of the water.

There are different types of mixers:

  • For bathtubs , they also have the connection for the hose and the diverter for the handset (hand shower)

  • For sinks , they are fixed with the ring to the sink and have often integrated the command for the lifting mechanism of the cap.

  • For bidet , they are similar to those in sinks and often have the command to open the cap

  • kitchen sink mixer
  • For kitchen sinks , unlike those for sinks they have a longer exit spout that allows you to direct the flow of water into the sink tubs

  • For the shower , unlike the others, they are almost always completely recessed in the wall and only the control protrudes, there are also complex electromechanical mixers that keep the flow temperature constant. water.

Replace the mixer

Remember to always close the central tap before starting the disassembly work.


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