Install external duct

how to install an external pipe with tap

external garden terrace faucet

It may happen that it is necessary to install an external faucet perhaps on the terrace, on the balcony or maybe in the garden.

It is possible to easily install an external duct to bring water where we need it.

We will make the piping with copper pipes and brass joints:

  1. Taking the measurements we will cut the tubes to size by deburring the ends
  2. fitting elbow flange fixing
  3. We will then mount the joints but not tighten them
  4. We will then mount an elbow joint with fixing flange using dowels
  5. At this point, after placing all the sections of the pipe, we will tighten the joints until they are completely tightened
  6. We screw the tap by placing on the thread of the Teflon tape to guarantee the seal.


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Join the pipes


Emergency repairs


Thread the iron pipes


The drain valves

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