Replace car battery

when to replace it and when to recharge it

replace car battery

It is not always necessary to replace the car battery, in winter the low temperature can reduce its functionality.

Or a long period of inactivity in the car can drain the battery.

In these cases it will be sufficient to subject it to a recharge cycle to improve its efficiency.

If the battery is in fact very old or the charge cycle does not give satisfactory results, it will be necessary to replace it.

To replace the battery you need:

  • Obtain a replacement with the same characteristics and dimensions (details can be found on the labels on the top of the battery).

  • Have a wrench with which to loosen the battery fasteners and clamps (common mechanic wrenches are often sufficient)

  • Make sure to connect the poles of the new battery correctly, positive pole marked with the symbol + (red cable) and negative pole marked with the symbol - (black cable)

car battery charger

Engine running, battery charging

When the car engine is running, the battery is recharged using the energy produced by the alternator connected to the engine.

For this reason, if the car remains stationary for a long time, the battery will run out. To overcome this problem, it is possible to connect a special charger to the car battery which by maintaining its charge keeps it efficient.

This technique is often used on little-used cars such as classic cars that often remain stationary in the garage for long periods.


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