Glue and glues

which glues to use for small repairs

paste rearview mirror

It happens that to carry out small repairs it is necessary to use adhesives, but you must not choose them at random but based on their characteristics.

In fact, depending on "what" we have to glue and "where" we will have to choose the right glue.

Let's see which are the most common glues:

  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives, very fast, apply a small amount and wait while keeping the parts to be glued in position for a few moments

  • Epoxy glues, also called bi-components, are made up of two components that must be mixed just before being used. They are indicated in case of partial reconstruction

  • The sealants are often silicone-based and are used to glue the gaskets and thanks to the heat resistance they can also be used in the engine compartment.

Lightfast glue

The glue for attaching the rearview mirror is a special glue that resists UV rays coming from sunlight. In fact, if we used normal glue, the mirror would inevitably come off again.


Rust on the bodywork


Matte bodywork


Clean the car interior


Dry the car body


Dashboard and car interior plastics

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