Noises in the passenger compartment

what they are caused by and how to eliminate them

noises inside the car

Some time after the purchase of a new car it is possible that small and annoying noises may occur in the passenger compartment.

This can be caused by some incorrectly assembled or detached parts or this happens especially in winter, the tires tend to retract and create chafing between the parts.

Pay attention and listen to where the noise comes from, once identified, better block it with clamps (in the case of electrical cables) or reassemble disconnected parts between the plastic parts of the passenger compartment.

First checks

First of all, it is good to check that the spare wheel and the tools supplied are well positioned and do not vibrate.

Check in the storage pockets and containers.

The muffler may not be well fixed, check the rubber rings that keep it suspended.


Reduce consumption


Car battery


Efficient engine spark plugs


The fuel filter


The bulbs of the car headlights


Manufacturer's warranty on the car

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