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perforated muffler

In case of small holes in the sheet of which it is made, there are special heat-resistant mastics available on the market or in the case of larger holes, special glass fiber bandages impregnated with a thermosetting compound.

In these cases, proceed as follows:

  1. Take the car over the mechanic's hole or on the bridge.

  2. Degrease the affected area with petrol and clean it very well.

  3. Now apply the mastic with the help of a spatula

  4. If the hole is large, wrap the bandage and secure it with wire to hold it in place until it has completely hardened.

If, on the other hand, the situation is so serious as to completely replace the muffler:

  1. We unscrew the cable ties

  2. We spray release oil on the joints, rust tends to weld them

  3. Let the unlocking agent work for a while

  4. We can now install the new component.

Why does the muffler rust?


The muffler rusts not only because of the water splashing on it, wetting it under the car.

The main cause of rust in a muffler is due to the water that is deposited inside due to condensation.

In short journeys, in fact, by not completely heating up, the humidity in the air condenses inside and over time creates rust that perforates the metal sheet.

To overcome this problem, there are also stainless steel mufflers which, however, are not widespread.


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