Matte bodywork

how to make the car body shine

polishing matt bodywork

Polishing the bodywork is an operation that requires patience.

After washing the car, we will notice some dull parts (in older cars) that need to be treated with polish to make them shiny.

However, it will be necessary to apply a protective wax on the bodywork in order to make it shiny and preserve it over time.

There are paste or liquid car waxes on the market, in any case apply them a small area at a time.

First apply the wax, then with another soft wool cloth, remove it by polishing.

Remember never to perform this operation when the body is hot because the heat can change the structure of the wax and damage the bodywork.

polish car bodywork

The polish, eliminate scratches and dullness

The polish is a product that must be applied on the bodywork in the parts with superficial scratches or opacity.

Apply tape to neighboring plastics to prevent the polish from making them whitish.

If this happens, just washing the car will remove the polish.

For this, use a woolen rag or body shop cotton.

The polish is slightly abrasive and therefore allows you to polish and eliminate surface scratches.


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