Products for the car

which ones to use to have a car that has just come out of the body shop

gloss dashboards

On the market you can find an infinite number of products for car care and cleaning.

Although these are not strictly essential, they help to clean and keep the car beautiful.

From protective waxes for the bodywork to products for plastics, if we want a shiny car, let's rely on these "cosmetic" products

auto opaque plastic

Gray and dry plastics

If a car is often left in the sun or bad weather over the years, plastic parts tend to gray and dry out. The profiles, the bands thus take on an opaque and inconspicuous appearance.

To avoid this phenomenon or eliminate it where it has already occurred, spray the dashboard polishing products abundantly and let the product work for a few minutes before removing the excess with a soft cloth.


Wash the body


Dashboard and car interior plastics


The upholstery of the car


Rust on the bodywork


Door windows


Unlock rusted screws

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