The upholstery of the car

how to clean and sanitize

car upholstery

To thoroughly clean the car upholstery it is necessary, after removing the mats, to thoroughly vacuum the dust and sand which, when detached from the sole of the shoes, settles on the bottom.

To do this, use a powerful vacuum cleaner possibly equipped with the "lance" to reach even the narrowest ravines.

sky car ceiling interior

The roof of the car

The so-called roof of the car is none other than the passenger compartment ceiling.

It is often covered in a fabric that tends to get dirty with time, dust or cigarette smoke.

To clean, simply wipe with a damp sponge (wet with water and neutral detergent) and then let it dry thoroughly with the doors open.


Scratches and marks on the bodywork


Car mats


Automobile upholstery


Door windows


Stains on the car seats

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